Fred Malik, Director of FORTIFIED Programs at IBHS

Improving the ability of our nation’s homes to withstand severe weather is critical to protecting what is priceless and strengthening our communities, from the roof to the foundation, FORTIFIED Home allies are leading the way by making the homes where we live stronger, safer and more durable.

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Restore your home with a local, experienced team of insurance and construction experts who care


MRN Contracting is proud to announce 

We have joined in support of the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety’s (IBHS) FORTIFIED Home™ program. Our goal is to make our communities more resilient to natural disaster’s by strengthening our homes to better resist severe weather. With FORTIFIED Home’s voluntary severe storm defensive systems, your roof will be able to withstand stronger winds and protect what is priceless before and during a disaster.


MRN Contracting is a full-service exterior construction and renovation company serving the great state of Alabama. Our services include roofing, siding, gutter and window replacements and repairs complete with optional financing packages tailored to your design and budget needs.  When it comes to projects related to storm damage and insurance coverage, our team has over 25 years of claim handling and home improvement expertise. With that, we promise to take a holistic approach to your roof or other improvement projects. We don’t believe in rushed quotes or decisions. Instead, we carefully listen to your goals, thoroughly inspect the project area, and give you a well-thought out recommendation and proposal. 
Fully aware that relationships are not built on financial gain, we promise to recommend and fulfill the right solution, every time. Simply put, we are a family owned and operated business striving to be a respected name in the community—building strong homes and lasting relationships.



MRN is certified to offer and install a FORTIFIED Home™ - helping homeowners protect their investment in the face of hurricanes, high winds, hail, and severe thunderstorms. FORTIFIED goes beyond emergency and disaster preparedness to give you peace of mind knowing your home is structurally resilient and will better withstand severe weather. 

The roof is your home’s first line of defense. A FORTIFIED Roof provides better protection against severe weather. 


FORTIFIED Home is a nationally recognized building method based on more than 20 years of scientific research and real-world testing by IBHS. FORTIFIED standards build upon building codes by improving performance against natural hazards and reducing the risk of personal property losses. 

About the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) 

IBHS is an independent, nonprofit, scientific research and communications organization supported by the property insurance industry. The organization works to reduce the social and economic effects of natural disasters and other risks on residential and commercial property by conducting building science research and advocating improved construction, maintenance and preparedness practices. Visit for more information about creating resilient communities and the FORTIFIED Home program. 

For more information about IBHS’ FORTIFIED Home program:

Fixing the Roof

A stronger roof helps protect your home and personal property from potentially devastating winds and wind-driven rain. 

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A stronger roof may reduce or eliminate the amount of time spent out of your home due to water intrusion when the roof is damaged. 


Often the most common roof damage is avoidable by working with your roofer to pay attention to critical details.