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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Chris Havard

Roof Technician Chris Havard is one of MRN Contracting's most time-honored employees. Beginning in 2014, Chris has conducted over 200 roof inspections, satisfied over 150 homeowners, and holds the record for winning MRN's largest contest to date. He currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife Jessica, his two children, their dog, Bandit, and two cats, Brother and Kali. Chris' favorite hobbies outside of work include spending time with his family—whether it be their traditional patio cookouts or kayaking with their dog. He also loves anything outdoors, including hunting, fishing, and white water rafting. 

Where are you from?  Born and raised in Centerville, Mississippi. My family and I moved to the North Georgia mountains when I was a teenager. Go Ole Miss - Hottie Tottie baby!

Where did you go to school / education / any industry certifications?  After graduating from Copper Basin High School, I was accepted to a technical college, Pelican Chapter Associated Builders & Contractors INC, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I attended school four nights a week, and after two years I graduated with a major in Crane Operations as well as Diesel Machinery. In 2001, I moved back to North Georgia and began working in the Electrical Engineering field – of which I also studied in college.  Once I reached the minimum field experience of 100 residential roof inspections, completed the rigorous HCI-R course, and passed my exam (with flying colors, I might add), I became HAAG-Certified in Residential & Wind.   What led you to this industry? What advice do you have for people just starting out in this industry?   I’ll be forever grateful for my good friend, Franklin Hammond, for introducing me to this industry. In 2011, I started selling roofs in Nashville, Tennessee—and also acquired my love for country music. Out of all the trades I studied in college, I’ve never found one quite as rewarding as this one. I’ve never been the behind-the-desk type, and if you work hard and provide your customers the 24/7 service level MRN promises, the sky is the limit on your career and financials... So, it’s safe to say I found my calling.  It hasn’t always been easy, but what business development position is? My advice for anyone starting out in this industry is to never let go of your competitive spirit, and always keep your head up. A healthy amount of competitiveness and persistence, and a whole lot of positivity will be your biggest allies. Your success in this industry is entirely up to you, so look at every day as a new day—instead of focusing on the past. 

What drew you to choose MRN? And how has MRN Contracting changed since?   These questions have made me realize I have been truly blessed in the friend department. BJ Womack, another good friend and now business partner, introduced me to MRN Contracting in 2014. I was skeptical at first, as the company was made up by only four employees—including myself. I decided to look at it as an opportunity to learn and acquire as much experience possible, while helping establish the roots of a company that would grow to one of the largest roofing companies in the southeast.  

"Working for a small company not only gave me a real sense of how each employee impacts everyone’s success, but also afforded me the opportunity to forge a relationship with our CEO, James Hewatt."

From the beginning, James Hewatt was the type of leader I would gladly follow—and that hasn’t changed to date.   Today MRN Contracting has well over one hundred employees, including the crews we have servicing our customers across the Southeast. I’m forever grateful for the knowledge and experience I gained from starting out with such a small team, because now I’m able to use my cultivated skills to build honest relationships with my customers. MRN hasn’t changed in terms of values, dedication or family-oriented culture, we’ve just been able to attract more people who work and think like we do. I’m proud to be a part of such a growing organization. Just wait—soon you will see us everywhere! 

What does your typical day look like?  My typical day can be summarized by what I refer to as the three C's: coffee, climbing and contracts. Fortunately, I do consider myself a morning person. I always start my day with a cup of coffee while reviewing my daily planner, schedule and claims board in my office. I also go over my to do list, which I have set out for each day.  From early afternoon to late evening, I’m either canvassing neighborhoods for storm damage, meeting with customers to pick out their new roof style, or checking on any roof installs I may have that day. On average, I’d say I knock a minimum of 20 doors, and aim to conduct at least 2 roof inspections. 

List of your two biggest pet peeves. My biggest pet peeve is negativity in any form. I strive to lead my life with positivity and optimism, always. I believe this is the key to success and a happy life. Negativity, with a close second being slow drivers who camp out in the left lane... Move People!  If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Can I choose a food group? If so, anything breakfast related. My favorite meal is eggs, grits, with toast and venison. 

Your "Why" (What/who motivates you)? My wonderful wife Jessica, whom I met in 2013, and both of my kids, Abbi and Chase. Without my family as my motivators, I would have never joined the roofing industry in hopes of a better life. With their love and support, I’m happy to wake up every morning with the opportunity to provide for them. And I could never leave out my other children—my dog, Bandit and our two cats, Brother and Kali. 

Chris Havard is one of our most seasoned and accomplished roof professionals operating in North Carolina.  We are proud to call him an MRN veteran! Give him a call today for a free home inspection, and rest assured, you’ll be in great hands.

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