Steps to Prepare Your Home For Fall

Now that fall has arrived, our anticipation and excitement for this magical season can turn to thrill and delight—blankets of red, yellow and orange, cool, crisp air, cider by the fire, and pumpkins everywhere. But with its beauty comes the not-so-magical fall elements, like leaves filling your gutters, changing temperatures cracking your window seals, and the ever-growing knowledge that winter is at our doorstep—bringing harsh weather and bitter nights to lash at our homes. Luckily, there a few ways you can prepare between now and the first freeze of winter. 

Inspect Gutters & Downspouts

The trees have begun to shed their leaves, which means it’s time to clean your gutters of any loose debris and leaves. When leaves and debris build up in your gutter system, eventually, it will clog your downspouts. Without proper drainage downwards, rainwater will have no other choice but to rise—overflowing the gutters and thus, damaging not only the gutters, but also your roof, trim, and siding.  

To prevent these problems and any unforeseen repair costs, be sure to regularly clean out your gutters throughout the fall season. You could also get ahead of the falling leaves by having gutter guards installed to prevent the collection of debris in the first place. Gutter guards do the work for you, eliminating the need for regular inspections and cleanings—ultimately, to keep your home protected and debris-free. 

Inspect your Roof for Debris

Your gutters are not the only point at which debris collects. In fact, your roof is an even larger target for falling leaves and pine needles. It’s just as important to regularly remove any leaves, pine needles or other debris from the surface of your roof. Asphalt roofing material is tough; however, even the smallest amount of debris can hold enough moisture to eventually mold and rot—which will inevitably begin to break down your roofing material.  If confident in your ability to walk on your roof while blowing off debris, we recommend you pay special attention to any valleys that might be prone to the collection of fallen pieces. These valleys are especially vulnerable to water damage, so the rot and mold we previously referred to are particularly dangerous in these areas.   As part of our Maintenance Program, we provide regular inspections, debris removal, black streak removal, and moss treatments. If interested in learning more, feel free to email us at

Inspect your Roof for Damage & Deterioration 

Now that your roof is clear of debris, you have a better visual for any shingles that might be torn, missing, curling, or buckling. We recommend climbing the roof to inspect for damage, as opposed to trying to spot issues from the ground. If damage is found, now would be a good time to have your roof inspected by a professional. Fall is one of the more popular times to repair or replace a roof, as its prime time to provide improved insulation during the cold winter weather. 

Professionals are also trained with damage specific to flashing around chimneys, vents, and skylights—which are the usual suspects when a leak occurs. These repairs are especially tricky for an untrained individual, which is why it’s important to have a professional make sure everything is sealed properly before bad weather hits.

Inspect Your Windows 

The temperature change can cause your window seals to crack or shrink, leaving your home less protected from unwanted air flow. Be sure to check your windows for any drafts or leaks that might be intruding. Adding weather strips or replacing your faulty windows can cut down on your energy costs during the colder months, making fall the best time to have a professional inspect and repair your windows. 

MRN Contracting is a family-owned and operated home improvement company, specializing in storm damage and quality roofing, siding, gutter, window, and door installations. We strive to provide a timely, convenient process with trusted, professional service. We hope you allow us the opportunity to help you make the right decision for your family and your home. Feel free to call us or email us at to schedule your free inspection today.  

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