Our technicians check for missing granules that have exposed the substrate, or black layer underneath them. The substrate exposed should look fresh, or not as if it has been exposed to the sun for an extended period. This will indicate new hail damage as opposed to anything preexisting.


Bruising occurs when a hailstone’s impact disperses the roof’s granules. Bruising will feel like indentations on your roof’s surface. They are not always visible but should be addressed upon discovery, as failure to do so can cause holes to eventually form in your shingles.


When big enough, hailstones can cause circular cracking around the hit itself in a half-moon or full circle shape. This sort of cracking indicates larger hail and a shingle that has been damaged through to the fiberglass matting, which can make it highly susceptible to water penetration.


An obvious sign of wind damage is missing shingles, exposing the upper portion of the lower course of shingles to the elements. The missing shingles can allow water to more easily penetrate the attic.


Curling shingles are most often found at stress points on the roof, i.e. the edges, the corners, near the chimney, at the ridge, etc. Curled or lifted shingles can no longer keep water from leaking through the roof.


Mineral granules serve as an additional layer to your shingles and home to protect your roof from excessive sun exposure. Strong winds can contribute to the premature loss of this protective coating by knocking your granules loose. When granules come loose, they often run through your gutter system with water and pile up on the ground.


High winds can cause cracks in the roof shingles, allowing an easy entry point for water to penetrate beneath the surface and into the home.


A common failure from wind pressure exposure is creasing, where the shingle tab is bent up and down until a crease or fold forms along the edge of the shingle tab. This creasing pattern indicates that the damage may be a result of excessive winds.

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