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Full service exterior construction & renovation




Not far from North Carolina’s capital city of Raleigh is the town of Wake Forest, the original home of Wake Forest University. Now, many choose this area for its small-town charm and lively downtown scene. When you need renovation work or new installs for your home’s exterior, there are countless other companies that promise good work. However, this isn’t always the case. Your home is one of your greatest and most valuable assets, so why not work with a company who believes the same? At MRN Contracting, we’ve been in the contracting business for over 30 years, handling insurance claims and a wide range of different situations and budgets over the years. For every project we encounter, our mindset is to treat the home as our own. Whether you choose to have roofing, window, gutter, or siding work completed, we guarantee you’ll be impressed with the impeccable craftsmanship, customer service, and support from our team.

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Wake Forest is home to hundreds of beautiful homes, and yours should be no different! If you’d like to make cosmetic upgrades to your home, let us help make it the exterior of your dreams. You can take advantage of our free home exterior inspection to see where problem areas may be, especially if you can’t see them. It’s easy for issues to be hidden to the untrained eye, which is where we come in. 


Our trained technicians will give you a complete assessment of any damage found. From there, we can develop a game plan as to how you’d like to proceed should you choose us. Once we’ve wrapped up your projects, you’ll be blown away at the difference in your home’s curb appeal. With a team made up of the best and most skilled technicians around, your new roofing, gutters, windows, and siding will look impeccable and make your home much more functional and secure.



Whether you’d like to tackle one objective at a time or get it all done right away, we have the capability to create a budget that makes sense. Our optional in-house financial management team will work with you to determine a solid plan that you’re comfortable with. They will review all the high-quality types of roofing, siding, windows, and gutters we offer at MRN Contracting and how these projects can fit into your budget, now or in the future.



Maybe your needs aren’t cosmetic or ones that can wait. In times of severe weather where storm damage is an imminent threat, our storm-response team will be ready to go should your home be affected. From fallen trees, hail, flooding, and high winds, there are an array of factors that can wreak havoc on your home. When windows are broken or the roof is caved in, you just can’t wait; and with MRN Contracting, you won’t have to. The vastly experienced storm-response team will quickly assess the storm damage and a personal project manager will deliver a thorough assessment complete with photos. From there, we can create a plan to quickly renovate your home so you can get back to your normal life. 

We’re also able to help with the insurance claim process, too, with our in-house claims division. Instead of making you juggle this alongside everything else during this stressful time, our claims department will help you along the way by dealing directly with your insurance. They’ll ensure your insurance company is more than satisfied with our renovation work and that, all in all, the process is as painless as possible. You and your family will be able to get back to your day to day routine in no time.


With MRN Contracting, our restoration and construction work is backed by a 5-year labor, no-leak warranty. Plus, our roof, siding, gutter and window selections also guarantee a manufacturer’s warranty, ranging from 25 years to limited lifetime.